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Rugged Industrial Computers

Ectron is a premier provider of ruggedized, reliable metrology instrumentation solutions. We offer products designed for accurate data collection and processing even in harsh conditions. Our industrial computers are available in standard and custom options that can be deployed on the factory floor or in outside junction boxes for various purposes. 

Industrial computers are a type of computing system used to manage tasks in manufacturing, machine automation, and autonomous robot applications. They are often subjected to extreme environments and high-capacity operations, which is why they are built with durability and reliability in mind. They provide a high level of computing at the rugged edge in a tough package protected against debris, dust, heat, shock, vibrations, and other demanding conditions. This design ensures they can be used close to the data source without risk of damage or degraded performance over time. 

Advantages of Rugged Industrial Computers

Industrial computers have many advantages over consumer-grade computers, such as: 

  • Better performance. Unlike consumer-grade computers, industrial computers can handle highly demanding computing and power requirements. 
  • Greater durability. Industrial computers have a rugged design and construction that protects sensitive components from damage and degradation caused by extreme conditions, such as high/low temperatures, shock, water intrusion, etc. 
  • Higher reliability. Since industrial computers are built with ruggedized components, they are less likely to fail in demanding applications than consumer-grade computers.  
  • Longer service life. Industrial computers are designed to last much longer than consumer-grade units. Additionally, manufacturers generally provide more support and upgrade capabilities throughout their lifecycles, allowing users to utilize them for longer periods.

Industries & Applications That Utilize Rugged Industrial Computers

In today’s increasingly digitized world, many industrial applications employ advanced computing technologies to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and boost productivity. Whether the computers are used indoors or outdoors or in the agricultural or mining industry, they must offer superior performance, durability, and reliability while employed at the edge in extreme environments. Typical applications for rugged industrial computers include: 

    • Manufacturing. Rugged industrial computers are ideal for large-scale manufacturing operations that require machine automation. They are used for many applications, including machine vision, robot guidance, and data collection.
    • Military. In military applications, equipment is often exposed to highly demanding conditions, such as extreme temperatures, pressures, and vibrations. Rugged industrial computers offer the durability and reliability needed for computing applications within these environments. 
    • Food automation. Industrial computers are often used in food processing facilities to automate machine vision and packaging inspection operations.
    • Healthcare. In the healthcare sector, industrial computers are used in day-to-day operations that require asset/process tracking and monitoring. They help users identify any anomalies and inconsistencies that need to be resolved to achieve greater precision and efficiency. 
    • Simulation and control. Many industrial applications leverage rugged industrial PCs since they have powerful processors that can emulate and create simulations for potential real-world scenarios. The results enable users to gain insights that help analyze risks and predict future possibilities.
    • Remote data collection. Industrial computers are commonly used for remote data collection since they facilitate the sending and receiving of data in locations where normal equipment may not survive. 
    • HMI computers.
    • Remote monitoring of assets such as wind turbines or other equipment.
    • Control computers for machines.

Rugged Industrial Computers From Ectron

At Ectron, we specialize in industrial computing solutions. Our products combine advanced technology, such as edge computers, SmartEYE™ (an IIoT-based factory 4.0 PaaS), and cutting-edge software, to achieve superior performance in demanding environments. Our standard industrial computers are: 

  • Edge computer ECT-ECI. This multipurpose, rugged HALT and HASS-tested industrial computer features an MS Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC operating system, Azure IoT qualifications for connectivity to Microsoft Azure, and Edge AI/ML capabilities. It can be deployed as an HMI computer, an edge computer, or a gateway.
  • Server class computer ECT-MAN. This multipurpose, rugged IP-65 industrial server-class computer has a six-core, Xeon-based design. It runs a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC operating system, has Azure IoT certification, provides Protocol bridging between the IT and OT network, and converts EthernetIP, Profinet, MT-Connect protocols into TCP/IP, MQTT, or OPC/UA.

If you have additional questions about rugged industrial computers in general or our specific products, contact us today.